Rapids FC Spring 2020 FAQs

What guidance is Rapids FC using to make its decisions regarding the spring season and Rapids FC programing?
Rapids FC is using a combination of guidance and regulation from the Grand Valley Soccer Association, Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, State of Michigan, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, CDC, US Youth Soccer, and US Soccer. We are also in active conversation with other local clubs, to align ourselves and work together as much as possible.

Will there be a spring 2020 soccer season?
No, both the GVSA Select leagues and MSPSP Premier leagues, that all of our teams play in, have cancelled their spring seasons. In addition all tournaments are cancelled, including the Cherry Capital Cup.

Will I receive a refund?
Like most area clubs, we are not in a position to offer refunds to families, but will gladly extend credits for the portion of season that was missed due to the cancellation.

Why will I receive a credit instead of a refund?
A majority of our costs for the year have already been incurred. Each soccer year, generally defined as July to June, we typically incur more costs early in the soccer year in the fall, and then more evenly throughout the winter and spring. With the fall season, winter training and programming, league fees, ref assignor fees, staff costs and non-recoverable costs, much of the Rapids budget is spent prior to the spring season. Rapids is chartered as a Michigan non-profit and we have consistently invested our resources in player development and to provide a great soccer experience for your family. Our goal is to provide the most generous credit possible to our families, while also ensuring the viability of the club. Refunds were considered but the club needs cash prior to the fall registrations, and we want to retain our staff and coaches. We appreciate your understanding and support.

How much will my credit be?
Full year players will receive a 20% credit on club fees already paid and half year spring players will receive a 70% credit.

Will I receive a credit if I have an account balance?
Players with an account balance will still receive a credit, which will first be applied to the account balance. Any remaining credit can be used for future programming during the 2020/2021 seasonal year.

How much is my credit?
Your credit is determined based on the team in which your son/daughter is registered, along with how much you paid in club fees. If you need assistance calculating this amount, please reach out to us at info@rapidsfc.com

How do I use my credit when registering for the club after June team selections?
A Rapids FC staff member will email you a coupon code to use toward your 2020/2021 club fees after teams are formed.

Will club fees increase for the 2020/21 seasonal year?
Families will not see an increase in club fees. In light of the struggles that some families are facing with COVID-19, we are committed to freezing current club fees for the 2020/21 seasonal year.


What are the virtual training videos?
Virtual training videos are short training sessions filmed by Rapids FC coaches that are available to all Rapids FC players. These will be emailed to families every Tuesday and Thursday evening for six weeks and are designed for players to be able to complete alone or with a sibling/parent. You can also access these resources anytime, on our YouTube Channel, or our website: https://rapidsfc.com/virtual-training/

Can we practice, scrimmage, or hold other team activities before the MSYSA deems it safe to return-to-play?
No, there will be no in-person Rapids FC activities before MSYSA deems it safe to return to play. Insurance coverage will not be valid until MSYSA has made this determination. The MSYSA will not affiliate, sanction, or insure any activities until they deem it safe to return to play in Michigan. This includes out of state activities.

If soccer is not canceled in a different state, can my team travel there to play in a tournament?
No, MSYSA will not affiliate, sanction, or insure activities, such as team travel, until it is deemed safe to return to play in Michigan first.

When is the current MSYSA return to play date?
June 1, 2020 is the current return-to-play date and will be reviewed by MSYSA on a consistent basis.

Once it is deemed safe to play, if we have a scrimmage how will referees be assigned?
If you want referees assigned for a scrimmage, referees must be assigned by our Rapids FC referee assignor, John Corbett. Teams are expected to pay the referee assignor for each game, as well as the published rate for the referees.

Can we add players to an existing roster should we choose to train, play scrimmages or tournament(s) once it is deemed safe to play?
Yes, you can add players for a $20 player fee. The last day to add players is currently May 15th. This is subject to change as we progress forward and learn about a return to play date.


Will there be in-person tryouts?
Due to current social distancing restrictions in the State of Michigan not likely to change before our scheduled tryout date of June 15th traditional in-person tryouts will not be sanctioned or insured.

Without a tryout, how will teams be formed for 2020/2021?
• All currently rostered Rapids FC players may register with our existing club beginning June 1, 2020. Rapids FC coaches may contact current players to get a commitment and players may sign registration forms. This includes Premier and Select
• Premier players may commit, sign or register with a new club beginning June 13, 2020. Clubs/coaches may initiate contact with players to inquire if a player has already committed to a club or team for the 2020/2021 seasonal year. If the answer is ‘yes’, the club/coach must discontinue dialogue with the player, pursuant to MSYSA Rule 3.7.
• Select Level Players may register with a new club beginning June 15, 2020. Clubs/coaches may initiate contact with players to inquire if a player has already committed to a club or team for the 2020/2021 seasonal year. If the answer is ‘yes’, the club/coach must discontinue dialogue with the player, pursuant to MSYSA Rule 3.7.

How do I register for tryouts?
Tryout registration via Sports Connect will be available on May 11 and on the Rapids FC site.

Will there be a pre-tryout camp?
Due to the cancellation of in-person tryouts, we will not be hosting a pre-tryout camp.

Will we be able to hold high-school age boys tryouts in the Fall?
We will readdress this as MSYSA makes this determination.

Why does GVSA’s tryout dates not follow MSYSA’s posted travel team registration dates?
GVSA is the direct member of the MSYSA. Rapids FC is affiliated to them through GVSA. GVSA has the ability to make rules more stringent but not more relaxed. As direct members of the GVSA, Rapids FC must follow the dates GVSA has posted/determined. Not following these dates could result in poaching violations and will be reported to MSYSA as required.

Will GVSA have safety measures in place for Fall 2020 with regard to Covid-19?
There could be recommendations or requirements in the interest of keeping everyone safe. MSYSA and GVSA are discussing these things and will formulate a policy for Fall as we move through this Spring/Summer.