Welcome to Rapids FC!

There are a few steps to completing the registration for your Rapids FC team, which are outlined below:

  • Accept or decline your offer via your Playmetrics account
  • Pay club fees or setup a payment plan
  • Complete all registration paperwork
  • Complete GVSA registration (Select level players only)
  • Complete MSPSP Registration (Premier level players only)


Coming into the 2024/25 season, Rapids FC is proud to partner with Playmetrics. This new platform will be an all-in-one location for registration, payment, club communication and much more! We look forward to seeing the ways this streamlined platform improves your experience with us!

Accept Your Offer and Setup Payments

You will receive your offer on a team by email, and clicking the link in that email allows you to accept or decline the position. You will then be asked to choose a payment option. We have multiple options available, but you must complete the setup of your payment or plan before your player’s spot is secure. You should use the account that was used for your player’s Tryout Registration via Playmetrics.

Select Level GVSA Registration

For all our select level players, you will also have to complete GVSA registration, which will come in a separate email from GVSA. If you have not received it, please check your spam folder as it occasionally lands there.

Premier Level MSPSP Registration

For all our premier level players, you will also have to complete MSPSP registration, which is linked below.
MSPSP Player Registration