2022-2024 Rapids FC Select Kit

2022-2024 Rapids FC Premier Boys Kit

Every 2 years, Rapids FC gets new uniforms. Nike regularly introduce new styles and stop manufacturing others, so it’s inevitable that our kit must change to coincide with that. Our current uniform will take us through to June of 2022. In line with one of our core philosophies of trying to make youth soccer as affordable as possible, we have limited the uniform requirement to the basics needed to play, with items such as warmup jackets, pants, backpacks, hoodies etc, all available, but optional.

Required Rapids FC kit includes home shirt, away shirt, shorts, socks, and training shirt. Goalkeeper kits are also available. Once registered with the club and you have your team number, you will be sent a link to soccer.com with your players details pre-loaded, making ordering the right kit easy.

Our uniforms are sponsored by Grand Rapids Dental Partners. We are excited to have this local, family-focused organization partnered with the club, and front and center on our kit.