The Cherry Capital Cup
Traverse City, MI | May 13-15, 2022

We are incredibly excited to be back in Traverse City with most of our Rapids FC teams this spring. We know both the players and their families really enjoy this well run tournament.

The Cherry Capital Cup is a youth soccer tournament hosted in the beautiful Northern Michigan town of Traverse City.  The Tournament was started in the early 90’s as the Summer Solstice Tournament, which took place in June. As the popularity of Traverse City grew, the Tournament was moved to May and renamed the Cherry Capital Cup in 2005. The Tournament has 200+ teams compete each fall at the 23 field Keystone Soccer Complex and the fantastic Coastguard fields.


2019 Results

The rain couldn’t stop us and neither could the other teams!

8 Champions and 4 Runners up makes Rapids FC the most successful club in Traverse City this year, beating Revolution in second (5 Champions and 5 finalists). As you can see below, the trophies were spread right across the age groups and for both boys and girls teams.

U9 Girls – Rapids FC Green 10 team Runners-up
U10 Boys – Rapids FC Green 09 team Champions
U10 Girls – Rapids FC Green 09 team Runners-up
U11 Boys – Rapids FC White 08 team Champions
U12 Boys – Rapids FC Green 07 team Champions
U12 Girls – Rapids FC Green 07 team Runners-up
U12 Girls – Rapids FC White 07 team Runners-up
U13 Girls – Rapids FC Green 06 team Champions
U14 Girls – Rapids FC Green 05 team Champions
U14 Boys – Rapids FC Green 05 team Champions
U15 Girls – Rapids FC White 04 team Champions
U16 Boys – Rapids FC Green 03 team Champions

Thanks must go to everyone involved, the parents for their support and smiles in the rain, the coaches and managers for their teaching and organization, but most of all the players. The players are what this is all about and so many of ours played their hearts out to bring a great tournament to a successful conclusion. We hope you all had a great experience.

2018 Results

U11B Green – Gold Division Champions
U12B Green – Silver Division Finalists
U13B Green – Gold Division Champions
U14B Green – Gold Division Finalists
U15B Green – Silver Division Finalists
U11G Green – Gold Division Champions
U13G Green – Gold Division Finalists