Important Game Day Information

COVID Measures

  • All team officials and spectators are required to wear facial coverings, and maintain social distancing, at all times. Maintain minimum of 6 feet of physical distance from everyone not residing within same residence
  • All players must wear facial coverings at all times on game day. If a player is not able or willing to wear a face covering, they are not allowed to play as things stand. When not involved in play or during breaks, players can pull their mask away to catch their breath as long as they are socially distanced.
  • Each player is allowed 2 spectators maximum! We realize that this prevents most families from attending, but it is applied to keep field numbers under 100 people.
  • If you or your player are feeling unwell, please do not attend the game – let your coach know as soon as possible.
  • Take temperature prior to leaving for the game. Stay home if temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher. This includes players and parents.
  • Sit only in the area(s) designated for spectators and only on your teams side of the field. Setup beside your team, left of the halfway line at the start of the game and stay there for the duration. Do not encroach on space designated for referees or teams. Do not go to the opponent’s side of the field
  • Some facilities may eliminate restrooms – be prepared for that possibility

General Gameday Information

  • Please turn up to the fields 30 minutes before kick-off or whenever your coach says.
  • Wear full Rapids FC uniforms – home games we wear our White shirts, away games are Black shirts both with black Rapids FC shorts and socks.
  • Shin guards are mandatory

Rapids FC Parent Code of Conduct

The game is for the players to love, and for us to enjoy watching. Please do not ruin the game for the kids or other parents by inappropriate behaviour on the sidelines. Positive encouragement is great, but let’s be grown-up, respectful and appreciative as spectators at all times. The club reserves the right to exclude parents or coaches from attending games who cannot control themselves.

  • Parents will respect the integrity and judgment of the referees.  Parents will refrain from challenging referee calls. Referees are leaving the game in huge numbers and we need to support them if we want to have league play. It’s a difficult job, show these ref’s some respect.
  • Parents will show appreciation of good play by both teams.
  • Parents will refrain from “coaching” any player from the sidelines.
  • Parents will cheer and show encouragement at all times.
  • Parents will help enforce the Player CODE OF CONDUCT shown below.

Rapids FC Player Code of Conduct

  • Players will not use profanity at any time, especially at practices and games.
  • Players will show respect to the referees.
  • Players will not show dissent to a referee.
  • Players will accept responsibility for all fouls issued.
  • Players will positively acknowledge the referee’s effort after a game regardless of the outcome.
  • Players will show respect to the other team’s players.
  • Players will not be allowed to taunt an opposing player.
  • Players accept victory and defeat with dignity.
  • Players will show respect to their coaches.
  • Players will show respect to their parents.
  • Players will work to promote a model of a top soccer athlete: good skills, sound fundamentals, clean and fair play.
The fall season is up to all of us to do our part to ensure that our children can have a meaningful Fall season.

Thanks and good luck!